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Buy shares in the Waldy

We have raised enough money to be able to purchase the pub but there is lots of works needed to get the Waldy to be a sustainable and successful pub for the long term. 

As a result, we are keeping the share offer open until 19th Nov 2024 to help us reach our target!

Our bank account is now open and ready to receive funds. If you'd like to verify these details before you transfer money, they will also be available in the East Harptree village shop.

To know

It’s important to read the Share Offer Prospectus before you get started. This will answer all your questions about the investment and what it means both for you and the future of the Waldy. 


You need to be over 18 years to invest. Shares cost £1 each with a minimum investment of £100. You can buy as many as you want in multiples of £100, up to 50,000 shares (£50,000 in value). As a member, you get one vote, regardless of how much you invest. 


You can buy: 

  • as an individual

  • as a group or syndicate 

  • shares as a present for someone else (over the age of 18)

  • as a business, organisation or other body. 


How to apply and pay:


  1. Fill out a Membership Shares Application Form online (preferred) or print and fill out your form. 

  2. Pay for your funds using either method below: 


Option 1 [preferred]

Make an electronic bank transfer from your online bank account (with your initial and surname as the reference) to ‘East Harptree Community Benefit Society Limited’, Unity Trust Bank, sort code 60-83-01​ account number 2049 4162.


Option 2

Write out a cheque for the necessary amount, made payable to East Harptree Community Benefit Society Limited and take/post with the completed application form to: EHCBS SHARE OFFER, Potts Cottage, Highstreet, East Harptree, BS406AY.

Download application form. 


3. Receive your membership certificate after the offer closes.


Before you fill out your application form, please read the Share Offer Prospectus. You’ll find more detail about the future projections for the pub in the Business Plan.

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